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When you relax, you’re in control


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It only takes a moment.


When you relax, you are in control.
When you relax you see things clearly and you can do the things you really want to do.


The way you think, feel, react, respond, behave.

Following a fairly insecure and eclectic early life involving 16 schools and many addresses throughout the West Country and Middlesex, a struggle to get to University and the College of Law in London, I found myself a partner in a West End firm of solicitors specializing in the music business ( I had been a musician in bands as a teenager ) with clients as disparate as Black Sabbath the Bay City Rollers.

I was happily married etc. A ghastly yuppie no less.. By the age of 33 I’d developed into sole practice including interests in the Casino Business , a Wine Bar, Insurance and Finance thereby rendering myself a millionaire (according to my accountants), a new father and drug abusing philandering alcoholic (according to my wife) .

Following my bankruptcy in 85 I became an expert on the then new Insolvency Act 86 and built up networks with other solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners (on my way back to practice) which I still use in assisting clients to ameliorate and deal with their financial difficulties. I also built up a successful practice as a corporate and personal ‘Financial Rescue’ consultant involving a stint as a legal director of an small merchant bank which endeavours of course employ many of the skills which I have now been able to hone as a psychologist and therapist.

In later years, following my own eventual (and probably) inevitable physical, financial and psychological collapse due to alcohol, various other mood changing substances and a thoroughly dissolute life style, I was obliged to take recovery seriously (it wasn’t that difficult given the obvious and immediate consequences of not doing so). I made the whole business of change, fundamental, psychological, the consequently physical and how to affect it, my focus.

I had always been passionately interested in motivation and intent, what makes people do the things they do and why they tell such unsustainable lies to themselves and others. All therapists should start with themselves and I have experienced most of the readily available forms of therapy and recovery models and continued the process with training in counselling, a post graduate Diploma in Psychology graduate membership of the British Psychological Society and most recently, qualification as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist using Solution focused Brief therapy as the model. This is concept which is a very effective and exciting (academically and existentially) form of therapy using trance to access the parts of the brain other therapies take many sessions to reach. The idea is to train and encourage the client to use their own innate capabilities to achieve whatever goal is required.

It is heartening to realize that the more neuro- science discovers the more relevant the sub-conscious becomes in the search for balance.

Therapies currently offered: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Brief therapy, traditional psycho-analytic, NLP, CBT, 12 Step (more usually –  a combination of all the foregoing as required or appropriate).

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